Get set for Christmas with a dedicated Social Media Campaign!

Get set for Christmas with a dedicated Social Media Campaign!

by Robert Haylor November 19, 2018

Ah Christmas, family, presents, Christmas trees and the famous battle of the TV adverts.

Mean while on the online world, people are already shopping, looking for deals, bargains and more.

Christmas time is always a busy time of year for online retailers and businesses a like.

Both sales and engagement are vital for a successful Christmas period and with an estimated $1.1 trillion in sales, can your business really afford to miss out?

Take a look at some of our tips below to ensure you have a successful 2018 Christmas shopping period.

1. Have one Christmas Social Media Goal

Have one single Christmas social media goal, and be laser focused

Before you start any social media campaign ensure you have a laser focused, single vision goal.

Ensure the goal aligns with your business goals for the year.

Once you’ve set the goal, you can then measure the success or failure of your campaign in the new year.


2. Be prepared for mobile

Expect mobile this Christmas season, 52% of sales will be from mobile

Remember, that mobile sales are huge, this year it is expected that over 52% of all Christmas sales will happen via mobile devices.

Ensure you have set links to your online store using Instagram Shopping Tags, Pinterest and more.

Your account will need to be a business account and be pre approved by Instagram to take advantage of  shopping within Instagram stories.


3. Its the season for Goodwill

Kick start your campaign with a freebie

Kick start your social media campaign by giving something away for free.

Make sure its something you know your audience will love, it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Give away an accessory or a product that best compliments your business.

After all it is the season for good will to all.

4. Decorate your Social Media pages

Hey, its Christmas, so decorate your social media pages accordingly

If you’ve got a Christmas tree at work, and the lights are flashing beautifully in the window, then its time to get festive online.

Decorate your social media profiles with some festive themed headers, photographs and more.

It doesn’t need to be a masterpiece and you don’t need thousands.

Just a bit of time and an eye for detail.


5. Try Facebook ads

Try Facebook Ads

Christmas is a great time to run Facebook Ads.

But, be warned, there are a lot of big companies with budgets that stretch into the thousands if not millions.

So ensure you know who you’re targeting and you’ve got audience down to a rifle sight.

Trialing a facebook ad at Christmas time is a great idea, however, ensure you know what you’re doing.

Otherwise you could spend a lot of money for little return.


Remember to also keep an eye on our social media and newsletter for more Christmas Shopping tips.

If you’re running your very own Christmas shopping campaign, tell us about by tweet us at @E3SocialMedia or #E3SMTips

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