What We Do

Social Media Management

Our bread and butter is ensuring the many social media accounts we manage are updated with regular, relevant content and notifications are handled regularly.

By using E3 to manage your social media you will be taking on a team of professional social media marketers that can help drive traffic to your website.

We don’t use vanity statistics to value our work, likes and followers are great, but what matters to your business is the bottom line.

E3 will work with you to help you define your audience, grow your follower base and in turn improve your bottom line.

Social Media Management with E3 is both affordable, professional and completely flexible.

1 to 1 Social Media Support

Social Media can be a bit of a minefield.  If you’re not sure about what you’re doing our team of professionals can sit down with you and take you through the social media landscape step by step.

During the consultation we can review any questions, concerns or worries you have and work with you to build your confidence and make you social media savvy.

A typical 1 to 1 will take around an hour depending on the topic that is being discussed.

After the 1 to 1 a series of supportive documents will be sent to you to help you continue growing on social media.

Social Media Workshops

We run a series of Social Media Workshops on a monthly basis all around the UK.

These workshops cover the basics of getting started on social media, through to defining your audience, aligning social media with your business goals and finally analysing the engagement/success of your social media campaign.

Our workshops are delivered by a Hootsuite & Google Adwords Certified professional.

The workshops are aimed at business owners, marketing managers and marketing practitioners looking to brush up on the latest social media hacks, tips and tricks.

Social Media Strategy

Every business that is using social media, should have some form of social media strategy.

We’re not looking for a detailed and highly organised document, but you should at least have a clear understanding of how social media is going to or is impacting your business.

In our social media strategy we will look to dive into your business, your goals, objectives, vision, your industry and understand as much as we can about you.

From this we can look to understand your customers and create a social media strategy, content diary and social media schedule that will help you reach new audiences, and grow your business.

Social Media Analysis

If you’re already on Social Media you will have tons of data to look at.

This data, may seem a little overkill, however this data is vital to enable you to understand more about your audience.  The more you know about your audience the more you can create tailored, informative content that excites, attracts and converts.

Our social media analysis will take a look at all of your social media activity for the past year and provide you with a clear strategy of when to post, what to post, and how.

We will also work with you to align your social media channels with your business goals for the year.